All New 2023 Liv Intrigue LT Advanced 


Liv Intrigue Lt Advanced Pro

 Are you an avid backcountry adventurer looking for a bike that can handle all your off-road excursions with ease? Look no further than the Pro Advanced LT Intrigue series. This new release from Liv Cycling has been meticulously designed and athlete-tested to provide the ultimate riding experience for women of all skill levels. The Pro Advanced LT Intrigue is equipped with all-new geometry and an adjustable frame that offers unparalleled versatility. It is made from Composite Grade-Advanced materials, which provide exceptional efficiency and durability. The suspension system, Maestro, delivers smooth and ultra-performance, making for an incredibly comfortable ride even on the most rugged terrain. And with its SHRED capabilities, this bike is sure to get your heart racing.

What sets the Pro Advanced LT Intrigue apart from other bikes on the market is its precise design. The Liv Cycling team has decades of experience in racing and bike design, and they have considered many factors to ensure that this bike is ideal for all types of riders. They have even designed custom frame sizes to complement a variety of body types and riding styles. But the design process didn't stop there. The Liv Cycling team took it a step further and had athletes test the prototypes. The riders who tested the Pro Advanced LT Intrigue are part of the Collective Racing Liv, including Morrison Rae and Naughton Isabella. Their feedback and insights provided invaluable information to fine-tune the bike's design and ensure that it meets the needs of the most demanding riders.

One of the key design considerations for the Pro Advanced LT Intrigue was to ensure that it delivers the best possible performance and fit right from the first ride. Liv Cycling understands that every rider is unique, and that's why they meticulously tune every detail of the bike, including suspension, weight distribution, and traction. The result is a bike that delivers maximum control and confidence in any situation.

What's even more impressive is that Liv Cycling designed the Pro Advanced LT Intrigue specifically for women. They understand that women have unique body dimensions and variability in riding style and trail conditions. That's why they selected components that complement the needs of female riders, and why they custom-designed frame sizes to ensure the perfect fit for every rider.

In summary, the Pro Advanced LT Intrigue is an exceptional bike that offers unparalleled versatility, durability, and performance. It has been designed with women in mind, and every detail has been meticulously fine-tuned to ensure the best possible riding experience. So whether you're planning your next enduro race or just looking for a new adventure on the singletrack, the Pro Advanced LT Intrigue is the perfect companion. Get yours today and experience the ultimate backcountry ride!