bikes riding their mountain bike on a dirt trail

Embracing its legacy of world championship dominance, this dynamic downhill marvel returns with a redesigned composite frame, boasting 200mm of meticulously enhanced Maestro rear suspension and an array of customizable options to fine-tune geometry, rider positioning, and rear wheel size. It's an unrivaled innovation, years in the making, poised to conquer podiums worldwide.

Completely reinvented from the ground up, the all-new Glory Advanced showcases a featherweight yet incredibly robust composite frame, equipped with 200mm of Maestro rear suspension (accompanied by a 203mm fork at the front) and a range of flip chips to perfect geometry, rear wheel size, fit, and positioning. As a stock setup, it flaunts a mixed wheel configuration, pairing a 29-inch front wheel with a 27.5-inch rear wheel, ingeniously striking a harmonious balance between speed and maneuverability. Additionally, riders have the freedom to effortlessly switch to a 29-inch rear wheel using a simple two-position flip chip on the rear dropout. The legend has returned.


Key Performance Factors

Race-Read Suspension 

A cutting-edge Maestro rear suspension system, meticulously developed through seasons of collaboration between Giant engineers and professional athletes on the World Cup circuit, showcases 200mm of velvety-smooth, active travel, guaranteeing triumphant speed on the racecourse. This rear suspension seamlessly integrates with a 203mm travel fork*, instilling unwavering confidence and unparalleled control on the most extreme DH tracks and trails. *Not compatible with 2023 or earlier RockShox BoXXer Ultimate or BoXXer Select.

Ultra Adjustable

Unprecedented adaptability is within reach, courtesy of three flip chips. Firstly, a three-position Maestro flip chip empowers you to tailor frame geometry to match your personal riding style and conquer any terrain. Secondly, a novel headset flip chip fine-tunes reach, enabling effortless attainment of the perfect riding position. Lastly, a rear dropout flip chip allows you to optimize the overall wheelbase and manipulate handling characteristics at will.

Rear Wheel Options

Take control of your ride by selecting either a 29-inch or 27.5-inch rear wheel. Every model is delivered with a stock mixed wheel "mullet" setup, favored by numerous racers for its nimble, responsive feel and enhanced clearance between saddle and tire in the rear. Should you desire the rollover speed and unwavering stability of dual 29-inch wheels, a quick rear wheel swap is all it takes to unlock their full potential.


riders riding the newest mountain bike from Giant, the all-new giant glory advanced