“The latest Giant Reign offers improved comfort, useful adjustment and isn’t afraid of going fast”



BikeRadar Technical editor-in-chief, Robin Weaver tested Giant’s Reign 1, and claimed that “Giant has done its homework and created a bike that delivers for pros and punters alike.”
Weaver rode Giant’s enduro mountain bike on a wide variety of trails around South Wales and the South West of England. The trails varied from man-made tracks littered with high-speed impacts, rock gardens and big jumps through to steeper, natural, technical trails where the roots and rocks were plentiful but speeds a little lower.
The Reign is capable of tackling rougher trails at high speeds, with Weaver claiming “The stretched-out, low-slung geometry makes it incredibly stable as the speed picks up.”
When describing how the Reign 1 performs on technical terrain, Weaver said “If you enjoy nothing more than slithering your way down steep, technical trails carved into the hillside, the Reign 1 is certainly worthy of consideration as your next enduro bike.”
He even compliments the Reign saying that “on trails that are likely to raise your pulse and make your palms sweaty, the Reign 1 helps calm your nerves and boost confidence.”
To summarise, Weaver praises how well Giant has spent their money on the Reign. “There’s no denying, though, Giant’s changes have helped to elevate the Reign’s performance. It’s one hell of a machine on the downhills, especially when things get really steep and technical.”